Matrimonial & Family Law

Whether you are going through an uncontested or highly contentious divorce, whether it’s a short term or long-term marriage, Cillis Law will handle every aspect of your divorce.  Even during one of the most difficult and emotional times of your life, Cillis Law strives to be by your side through it all.

If you are contemplating divorce, or have already been served, call Cillis Law today for a free confidential consultation.

Family is one of life’s most precious treasures, so if you find yourself facing a complicated Family Law issue trust Cillis Law to protect what’s most important.

Cillis Law has the experience and compassion to help with any of the following matters:

  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Visitation Modification
  • Relocation
  • Family Offense Petitions
  • Paternity

If you find yourself fighting for your family, call Cillis Law today for a free confidential consultation so you don’t have to fight alone.